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Grab-N-Go Photobooths

Exclusive photobooths that you can Grab-N-Go. You can grab a booth for only $225.00 for 24hrs. 
For these booths, you just book the date, pick it up, plug it in at your desired event, and enjoy the festivities. Having an attendant is not necessary, and you do not need any experience needed. These photos are then instantly sent to your phone via text and email.


Need More Options And Services?

Outside of Grab-N-Go booths, we also have other services, along with premium options, including the Celebrity-Me Photobooth Experience. These other services and options require delivery, setup, staffing, different sizes of photo prints, video guest books, print guestbooks, branding, custom photo template designs, gifs, Boomerangs, etc.

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What To Expect With Our Services

A Little More Information...

Custom Packages

With the flexibility of our services and products, we are able to customize almost any type of package for your needs. Whether you need a special themed backdrop for your photobooth, or if you want 2 photobooths instead of 1, we can create a custom package, designed specifically for you.
Just schedule a time to speak with us, and we can figure out what works best for you.

Full Service

When you work with Photobooth In Kansas City, you will get full, professional, quality service. No matter if you decide to get the 24hr booths or if you need an attendant to be available to help with assistance during an event, we have you covered. We will not leave you stranded. You get our full service, guaranteed.  


Do you have an event where you may be limited to having a certain amount of people attend, or you simply have friends and family that are willing to attend, but they are long distanced? Rest assured, our professional live streaming service can help you accommodate that. This is a gift, that keeps on giving. Book a call with us to get more information and quotes about livestreaming.


You have the ability to choose the services that you want. If you see something else that you like, add it on! Go big, and have the time of your life. We have different services, you add special themes to your photobooth print-out strip, you can choose to have a backdrop for your's all up to you.

Make Your Event Unforgettable...


Can I rent all of your photobooths for 24hrs for $225?
We have a variety of services and different photobooths. The KC Air Booth is our go-to for 24hr rentals for your events. It is designed to setup quick, not have attendants, provide a good time, and to save you money.
How large of a space is needed for the booths
The sizes of all of the different styles of photobooths vary. The typical amount of space you will need is approximately 8ft x 8ft. Please also verify that there needs to be a power outlet nearby.  
Does the photobooths provide printing options?
The main functionality was to make all of the booths digital. However, we do provide options that involve a photobooth attendant in order to provide printing options for some of the booths. The prints typically come in the form of a printed strip. The strips can be customized with desired text and graphics.
Is a backdrop included? 
Backdrops provide a special touch to your event. The backdrops that we have are made available for rent. You can order special backdrops, or choose from the options that we provide.
Is there a security deposit? 
There is not a security deposit, but we do require that 50% is paid for booking the service that you order.
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